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Jason & Partners Trading and Distribution

Business Model

We help our partners to sell products directly to world-wide.

J&P Trading and Distribution has implemented a unique e-commerce platform that help businesses to achieve success. Our simple and effective business model illustrates below:

Trading and Distribution Business Model

Business Model Explained:

It is more than drop shipping…

The key difference between traditional drop shipping to our supply chain management is our e-commerce solution.

J&P e-commerce solution brings different categories of products under one administration platform. And products will be listed in different websites with different description / language / prices / images / etc. Products will also be listed in eBay / Amazon / Taobao / etc.

E-Commerce Platform Includes:

  • Multiple Website Design & Manage
  • eBay / Amazon / Taobao Listing & Manage
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online Inventory Control
  • e News Campaign
  • Customer Services