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Jason & Partners Trading and Distribution

About Us

Jason & Partners Trading and Distribution was founded by a group of business men from Australia, USA and China in 2010. Jason & Partner's manage team has years of experience and peopel connection in tradings. But there is a revolution in business model happenning in every corner. We are looking at trading and distribution in a new angle: 

e-Commerce: The future for Trading

In recent years, cyber world is becoming more popular than traditional real world. Globlization and technoloies enables a end buyer purchase almost anything at her/his desk, and receive good from another side of the world. Believing the trend is continuing, Jason & Partners commissioned DOTOCO Web Company developed an online platform. Which supplies more channels to suppliers reaching end buyer with less middle men.

If you are a manufacturer or importer, who also seeing the change of business models, it will be Jason & Partners's houner to show you our business case. Please contact us to arrange a consultation with our professional team.